Ghostbusters Novelization, Nancy Holder


I don’t always read movie novelizations, and when I do, I usually read Alan Dean Foster. But this novelization caught my eye, one, because Ghostbusters was a kick-ass feminist representation, and two, the author has also written for fandom staples like Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and who doesn’t love a queen for that?

As far as film to page adaptations go, this one wasn’t bad. The author wrote in extra content illuminating the conflict between Erin and Abby during their college days, which really filled in the gaps of the movie for me. I appreciated the racier scenes and use of expletives that definitely reminded me fondly of Buffy and an adventurous style of writing.

If you are a fan of Ghostbusters, check out this novelization. I picked up my copy used and decided to keep and enjoy it more. Check out Nancy Holder’s other work here:

I plan to continue with Nancy Holder with her Crimson Peak novelization, I loved the movie!

“I don’t go to Chinatown, I don’t drive wackos, and I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”




2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Novelization, Nancy Holder

  1. I love a good movie novelisation – my most recent was the novelisation of Rogue One, which was absolutely stunning. I’ve picked up Kong Skull Island for a bargain price recently, but had no idea there was a Ghostbusters one! I absolutely loved this movie!
    Thanks for the review – will definitely check it out!


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